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we increased alex's engagement, sales, & she's working only 30 hours/week in 1:1 private mentorship!

Alex M.

"This 1:1 mentorship is WAY more personalized/hands on than I thought it would be!"

The extra support going 1:1-- INCREDIBLE.

It's easy for me to work my ass off and keep busy on tasks that don't move the needle in my business, but having someone to work with 1:1 that can see so much that I can't really takes weight off of my shoulders.

Having a business coach is the absolute best to help pinpoint the leaks in my funnel, like where we are losing my clients interest!

Ines launched her dream business using both our done-for-you services & mentorship!

Ines K.

"Thanks to Taylor's help, I finally have a clear direction for my content and a solid plan for moving forward.

I highly recommend her to female entrepreneurs looking to up their business game!"

Before my 1-on-1 work with Taylor, I was struggling to figure out what kind of content to make for my business Instagram. I didn't know how to get the things I wanted to say across in order to attract my ideal audience.

Working with Taylor felt really personalized and I appreciated how she was open to hearing my thoughts and ideas while still providing expert guidance.

Taylor helped me pinpoint exactly what my messaging is and came up with a list full of ideas for content that I could create (and also repurpose) which spoke both to my ideal audience and to my goals.


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